Love Your Life iPhone Wallpaper

Hello there and welcome to Friday! This week has been a little bit hectic, but it's also been filled with lots of exciting work and new projects. Plus, the new Prenta launched on Monday and so I've been riding that high all week.

To celebrate the launch of the new site and a new Summer collection, I thought I'd put together a little wallpaper that we can throw up on our phones and carry around. Not a bad reminder to have throughout the day, hey? This quote is dear to my heart and it was a joy to bring it to life in paint.

If you feel like doing a bit of Etsy shopping, I've got a 20% discount going on to celebrate the new collection. Just enter PRENTASUMMERLAUNCH to get 20% off anything in the shop.

Enjoy your weekend!


Eat. Sip. Shop: Nero Waffle Bar

Happy Thursday, friends! I hope you've had the best week! Today for Eat. Sip. Shop. Angela and I took a trip to the Nero Waffle Bar on Robson Street and had the most amazing plate of waffles imaginable. Seriously. They were crazy good. Hop over to Angela's blog to get all of the details.

Do something fun today!!


Prenta Summer 2014 is here!

Hello friends! This is a seriously exciting Monday for me, because I'm all set to launch the Prenta summer collection!! I've been putting in some late nights finishing up the details and I'm so thrilled to share all of the new products with you guys. Not only are there a bunch of new greeting cards, but we've also expanded to include two 8x10 art prints, as well as the beginnings of a party supply section (coasters!) and the first Prenta notepad. 

Part of why I'm so happy with this new collection is that it comes along with a new brand direction for Prenta. Since launching last summer, I've been finding the brand's voice, and this re-brand feels very right. Also, all of the new product features watercolour lettering - a new art form that I'm head over heels for. The cards and art prints are all made with savoy cotton, which feels beautiful and shows the organic nature of the watercolour nicely. 

In addition to all of the new product, I've also launched the new Prenta site, which now incorporates all of my design work. You can check out the new Prenta site here!

Read on for a few of my favourite new products, and click over to the shop to see what else is new. 

You can get 20% off any Prenta product from now until this Sunday (July 27) with the code PRENTASUMMERLAUNCH.

I'm so in love with the way this card came out. The watercolour printed beautifully - you have to look very closely to see that it's not painted right on there!

The coasters are the perfect addition to your next little get together. They come in packages of 8 (just right for you and your friends).

The 'Happy Home' print is a great way to celebrate your little nest, and to remind us all to cultivate a happy space.

Keep your big lists and bigger thoughts here, you little worker bee!

I'd love for you to hop over to the shop, or the new website, if you're interested in seeing more! 

Don't forget - you can get 20% off any Prenta product from now until this Sunday (July 27) with the code PRENTASUMMERLAUNCH.

As always, thanks for all of your support - it means the world!!
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