The easiest fall table

Happy Friday, lovelies! I have a fun post for you to end off the week. It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and I'm spending it at my parents' house, away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. 

Between the changing seasons (we had the most picturesque fall week here) and Thanksgiving this weekend, I thought it would be timely to play around with a really easy fall dinner party idea. Those of us with teensy apartments know that it can be tough to entertain and not feel cramped. Or maybe you don't have a dining table and so you avoid having people over for dinner. But have no fear! The coffee table dinner party is here :). 

Will and I often (ahem, always) eat at the coffee table. We have a dining table, but it always turns into my makeshift workstation and ends most days covered in paints, papers, and to-do lists. Our affinity for coffee table dining gave me the idea to try out a little fancier version. Pull up a couple chairs from around your apartment, set out your favourite dishes, and enjoy the company of people you love. 

I like having special vessels and serving trays handy. The glass container holds sugar cubes for tea and the other guy carries rock salt.

When you feel like putting a bit more effort into the spread, try and pick a colour palette to work within. For my table, I wanted to do a modern take on fall colours. Lots of corals, peaches, and reds, pops of blue, and natural textures like wood, marble, and stone.

I picked up this handy marble serving platter at Crate and Barrel and have loved it ever since. And it's on sale now!

Just for funzies, I created little ties around the cutlery with yarn and copper wire. Try making your own little fastener for an extra touch.

Do you like having people over to eat? Is your apartment nice and spacious or do you need dinner party hacks like this one? I'd love to hear!


Lately: New Treasures and House Guests

Happy Monday, everybody! This weekend was a busy, family filled one. I had my parents in town staying with me and that was the best. It's fun to finally have a place where people can come stay (even if it means someone has to sleep on the couch:). We spent our time wandering around my neighbourhood, cooking up a Greek dinner, and watching Modern Family reruns.

Plus, my Madewell bag arrived! Not a bad few days, that's for sure.

Enjoy your day, friends!

Photos from my Instagram (I'm @kendra_sally).


Eat.Sip.Shop: Tractor

Happy Friday! Angela and I recently took a little trip to Tractor, a delicious restaurant in Kitsilano. They have all sorts of salads and sandwiches, and they specialize in fresh, healthy fare. It's definitely worth a trip if you are in the area!

They have lots of fun branding going on too. Always a bonus.

Have you been been to Tractor yet? What's your favourite neighbourhood restaurant in your own city?

Tractor | 1903 West 4th Avenue | 604-222-2557
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