Eat. Sip. Shop: Medina Cafe

Happy Thursday, friends! I seriously can't believe how fast this week has flown by - it feels more like Tuesday. For this week's Eat. Sip. Shop. Angela and I hit up the delicious and fabulous Medina Cafe. We chowed down on waffles and fancy drinks and basically just blissed out. I ordered a lavender hot chocolate and caramel drizzle on my waffles and it was AH-mazing. Such a perfect afternoon treat with a girlfriend. It would also be a great date spot! Read on for some more pictures of waffles that are sure to get you planning a trip to Medina for yourself. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about the mission for this series, since we've done quite a few at this point. We've seen so many amazing small businesses in action and met some crazy talented owners and creatives. Of course, Vancouver is only a slice of the small business pie, and we'd love to see what sort of spots you're finding. If you're interested, you can tag #EatSipShop on Instagram when you come across a small business that deserves some attention. Our goal is to have a collection of amazing shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars that people can check out when they're in your area. Plus, I would love to feature some of those pics here so that we can see what else is out there! 

Medina has such a warm, almost moody atmosphere. Perfect for huddling away for the afternoon.

Ok - I really want a waffle now! I had the caramel sauce and Angela had the milk chocolate lavender. Both were scrumptious and very order-worthy.

Be sure to stop by Medina if you're in Vancouver soon! And don't forget, you can tag your Instagram photos with #EatSipShop so that we can start sharing more of our favourites with each other. 

Have an inspiring Thursday, lovelies!


Lately: warm weather & weekends

Happy Monday, lovelies! I hope that you had a great weekend and that you found some time to just relax with your favourite people. On Friday night we had a work party on the roof of the building and it was gorgeous. It felt like our own little NYC up there :) The rest of the weekend was spent getting a bit of work done, and exploring the city with Will. We stayed in on Saturday night and I sheepishly started to get caught up with the Walking Dead. It's so exhausting for me though, because I have to multitask the whole time so that I'm not too scared - let's just say that I was very caught up on Instagram by the end of a couple episodes! Yesterday I had the lovely Allessia over for tea and then Will and I took a trip out to Ikea for some additions to the apartment. Things are really starting to shape up over here!

How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything fun? I'd love to hear!


The Prettiest Planters

I'm always on the hunt for awesome new Etsy shops to add to my wishlists, and Light and Ladder is my latest obsession. They make the most beautiful, simple planters that would add such a nice touch to any living room wall. I may have to add a couple to my own apartment soon. 

The ceramics are all hand-crafted in Farrah's Brooklyn studio. Go and check her out!

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