Gift Guide 2: Your sweet boyfriend who still gives you butterflies.

Gift Guide 2: Boyfriend
Happy Friday my lovelies! I hope that you all enjoyed yesterday's guide to gifting for your lovely best friends. Today's guide is all about shopping for that special man in your life. He's the person who makes you smile at the end of a rough day and the first phone call you make when you got the job that you worked your bum off for. Plus, he gives the best forehead kisses and always lets you watch 2 episodes of The Office even when you have work to do.

  1. Sunday nights are spent watching The Walking Dead and he has a very well thought-out plan for when the zombies arrive. He would totally protect you from those crazies. 
  2. He has the best collection of shoes and you guys love browsing Urban Outfitters together. This pair would look great with jeans and stripes or plaid. Both of which he looks incredibly cute in. 
  3. Such a fun play on a masculine piece, the wooden finish would look so cool. Bonus: for every watch that is sold, a tree is planted! Dress your boy and save the planet! 
  4. What man doesn't look sexy in plaid? This shirt would make him look like an adorable urban lumberjack. Plus, you could wear this and match ;)
  5. Help him look professional when organizing meetings and events for work and play. You could also stick sweet love notes in it to brighten his day. 
  6. He is just as fond of stripes as you are and this tie would look incredibly awesome for a business meeting. You already knew he was the coolest guy in the room, but now everyone at his work will know it too. 
I'll see you ladies back here on Monday morning with a guide for shopping for our sweet mamas! And check out yesterday's if you missed it :)

Have a very lovely weekend! Do something festive to celebrate the beginning of December (I would recommend a hot chocolate filled stroll)!


  1. I wish I had a boyfriend to give these cool stuff to. haha


  2. Good ideas, again. The zombie survival guide is the best!!:D
    x, Niki

  3. Oooh great ideas. I have yet to do my Christmas shopping for le boy. But I think I might actually get him something from your suggestion. wish me luck. =)

  4. great post, i know a group of lad mates who would love that zombie survival guide!



  5. wauw thanks for this list, I can never find a good present for my boyfriend but this is a fabulous list!! I'll start with the shoes :) Great blog, I'll definately be back Kendra!!



  6. These are such brilliant gift ideas, I love your blog!

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  8. Ah, really cool ideas! I'll keep it in mind for Christmas.

    I wanted to buy my beau a watch, but he is so careless, he'll swim with it and it will break or something

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