Europe Part 1: Stockholm!

Today's post took me a while to get together. It really shouldn't have because I've been so excited to share my travel photos here, but for whatever reason the time just went by. I think I was basking in the post-trip glow, and avoided the unpacking/sharing of the trip. But here we are! 

Stockholm was our second destination. The first leg of our trip was Amsterdam, which you can see more of in the Amsterdam re-cap post. Overall, Stockholm was an amazing experience and I'm so glad that we went. It was at the top of my must-see list, so we went out of our way to get there. After a few days in Amsterdam, we hopped on a plane to Stockholm. It was for sure the most expensive leg of our trip, but also really worth it. The plane tickets were about $100 each, on Norwegian Air. 

In most of the cities we visited, we stayed in Airbnbs. It was an awesome choice for us since we were able to cook a lot of our own meals and got some great deals. We were definitely on a budget for this trip, but I wasn't really into doing the hostel thing for more than a couple of nights. We set a loose budget of around $60 per night for our accommodations. At this price, we were always in private rooms in a shared house. Some people might not enjoy that, but for us it was great. We both really enjoyed getting to know the hosts, and there's someone to tell you about the fun local spots :) 

Our rental in Stockholm was just outside the city, but super convenient by train and our hosts were lovely. We were able to use the kitchen -- which was great because Stockholm is crazy expensive -- and our room was perfectly cozy. I would definitely recommend this spot. You can book the Stockholm AirBnb here. 

For the most part, Will and I spent our time wandering around, checking out pretty old buildings and ducking into coffee shops to warm up. It was really cold when we were there, which I would say was the only downside to the city. I would love to see Stockholm when it's all warm and sunny!

Stockholm is one of those cities that looks like it's straight out of a movie. Walking past this snowy little floral shop was definitely one of those moments for me :)

I think the best part of Europe in general was all of the old buildings. As you can see, I'm definitely one of those people who takes a lot of building photos. They're my weakness!

Believe it or not, this is the only suitcase I brought on the trip. That's right, a whole month, and just that wheelie. I took a little day-pack sized backpack, that I carried my computer, books, wallet, travel documents, and snacks in. It was actually a pretty perfect set-up, and by the end of the trip I was a master packer. If you're interested, you can see my Europe packing list here.

Stockholm at night! It was weirdly quiet at night there. We arrived around 1am and there was no one to be seen. It must have been because it's so cold there, but it was definitely a funny first impression.

This train station isn't technically in Stockholm, but isn't it beautiful?! We passed through it on our way to France, and it was my favourite station of the trip (and we saw a lot of them!).

Stockholm was definitely a win on the trip, and I would 100% recommend it. So many fabulous examples of design and gorgeous stores to pop into.

Have you ever been to Stockholm? Are you planning to in the future? I'd love to chat about your favourite spots if you've been! :)


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